Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Affordable Words Technical Writing DeliverablesAt Affordable Words, we offer a complete solution for your technical writing needs.  Whether your project requires material to be written from scratch, or existing material updated, we have a network of resources with just the knowledge, experience, and skills required to give you the “write” results.  Each of our deliverables (some are listed at the right) includes the elements listed below.

Material Organization  

“If they can find it, they will read it.”  We learn your product so thoroughly that we know the best spot for everything.   (In fact, you may want us to work “Tech Support” for you when we’re done!)  We also have the advantage of learning it on our own-and that makes us the ideal “end user.”

  • User Manuals
  • System Administration Guide
  • Quick Start Guides
  • Quick Reference Cards
  • Technical Reference Guides
  • Policy/Procedure Manuals
  • Training Courseware

Topic Completeness

If you can’t hold their hand in person, rely on the written word.” 
Have you ever read something that assumed you had…

    * read some other section before getting to this section (because that’s what you do with all your spare time)?
    * a thorough understanding of the proprietary terminology (because osmosis is a part of your way of life)?
    * would instinctively know to “read between the lines” when working through a set of steps (because it’s so obvious)?

Well, that’s a ‘no-no’ in our book.  We never assume that the reader knows more than they do.  (Hey, we’ve all sat in a class with that one student who asked, “what’s this white thing hooked to the computer that moves”?)

Audience Readability
“Because we’re all not rocket scientists.”   Now, we’re not knocking developers and engineers…but let’s be real: writing is not their forte!  We’ve all seen that 800+ page scripting manual (a “must have” according to the developer) pushed aside by the user who opted for the 40-page “quick reference guide” (which the Technical Writer suggested and wrote!).

Product Compatibility

“And the two shall become one.”  You’ve invested a lot of time and energy into the other products for your company.  And, your documentation needs to be the perfect fit for what you already have.   No problem.  It’s called, “making everything work together” and we can certainly help you do that!

“Keeping apples with apples, oranges with oranges.” Now, we’ve all purchased one of those “take it home and assemble it products.”  You remember…it’s that great thing you bought with directions that didn’t quite go with all those 4 million little parts (which are now scattered about the floor)?  Hummm.  Let’s not let that happen here.  We make sure that the product and the documentation that you ship out the door are a match!

So, what’s the next step?  In order to quote your project, you can  email us at [email protected] with the following:

    * Whatever documentation you currently have (existing user guides, product specs, etc.).
    * Access to any software or hardware (if available).  (We will gladly sign any non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements beforehand.)

From there, we will give everything a thorough review, and generate a comprehensive project quote.  In addition, we’ll also provide you with samples.  But wait…these aren’t just samples of our previous work.  If we have sufficient information about your product, we’ll create a sample that shows you what the end deliverable for YOUR PRODUCT can look like!!!  (No kidding!)  We are one of the only technical writing groups that offers this option -AND- provides it to you FREE OF CHARGE!  Why do we do this you may ask?  Because by creating a customized sample specific to your product, you are able to “try before you buy.”  Plus, you’ll gain a little insight into working with us, and the added bonus of experiencing our capabilities first-hand!

Regardless of what your technical writing requirements may be, there’s never a fee to simply ask us a question about the best way to move forward.  Thanks for considering Affordable Words for your next project!